Activity Log

Day 1

Suddenly, we all found ourselves waking up in this place. No memories before this.

Confusion starts to rise, as people either loses it or makes an attempt to understand the situation.

When people calmed down a bit 6 different Factions were made, to make it possible for us to survive this situation by dividing the workload, focusing on survival first and foremost:

  • The Explorers/The Hunters – Hunts for food and scouts the area for important locations as well as creating a map
  • The Gatherers – Gather food and materials that may be of use for the rest of us, as well as aid The Craftsmen when help is needed. They also prepare and preserve the food
  • The Craftsmen – Creates tools, clothing etc for an easier and better living, as well as aid The Gatherers when help is needed
  • The Builders – Improves our living standards by building homes, infrastructure, food storage etc
  • The Diplomats - Acts as a diplomat and translator between people and Factions
  • The Info Loggers – Record information, important happenings and everything else that might help us or future generations to understand the situation, remember past things or to see what's been done until now

People are either assigned to a Faction, or chooses one by their own volition.

Not long after that people decides to go to bed, most still being rather confused.


Activity Log

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